Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Routine Follow Up - I don't understand!

Joshua had a routine (we thought) follow up at the hospital.  David and I were both under the impression that this was because he had been on Special Care, even for only a few days.  We did know that there were carrying out one final ultrasound on Joshua's brain, to check it's all ok.

The first doctor carries out the ultrasound and then disappears off to discuss the results with another doctor. Some time later the other doctor arrives and repeats the ultrasound.  We are then sat down and told that Joshua will develop problems with his motor skills.  David has worked with all sorts of kids, with all sorts of medical problems "is it Cerebral Palsy?" he asks.  The doctor confirms that Cerebral Palsy is the likely outcome, however there is no way to determine the severity.

We were knocked for six! We truly thought it was just a precaution.  I certainly didn't think the doctors would be saying my son was brain damaged.

Joshua was referred to physiotherapy, I didn't know babies of just weeks could have physio.  Another appointment was made for neonatology and we left in a daze. 

We were also unfortunate enough to get a ticket for parking on the red route, which I will contest.  Strangely I did not even think about the car once during the entire appointment.

What next? What do we do? What questions should I be asking? Who should I ask?

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