Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Speech and Language

Joshua had his first appointment with the SALT today.  I'm not entirely sure what I was expecting, not a lot to be honest.  I thought they may come up with other suggestions or methods.

We have been trying Josh with many different bottles, Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature, Avent.  Not too mention training cups.  But he point blank refuses to try.  Now whether this is because of texture, warmth, his visual impairment, stubbornness, inability to learn how to suckle from the bottle; I just don't know.
The SALT suggested we could try the Haberman Feeder, apparently many babies with special needs take to this bottle.  Definitely worth a try.
They also suggested the Medela feeding cup.  I'm a little concerned that if he could master this he would lap the milk, this is something we've been trying to discourage as it can lead to dental problems.
Worst case scenario we were told that if we need him to come off the breast (which is becoming more important as my arthritis is now chronic) he may have to be tube fed.  We don't want this.  The ability to eat is so important.  The SALT explained that if this route were taken Josh would also be seen by a dietitian.  Plus we would have to spend a couple of days in hospital learning how to administer the milk.

So in a bid to avoid this I've found an online retailer who stocks the Medela range.

Hopefully Joshua will not be stubborn and will take one of these!

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Caroline said...

Habermann feeder is definitely worth a try,Samuel my 33 weeker who has also got special needs could only drink out of one of these...good for refluxy babies too,Hope you get on ok x