Saturday, September 4, 2010

16th anniversary

16 years today. When we got married we were fresh faced, innocent, children. We've grown together, created our family together, laughed together, cried together and been together over those years. I am one lucky lady. David is my best friend, my partner, my lover.

So, having told Dave that my new sewing machine was an anniversary present from him... My present to him was a self purchased drill arrived today. He was over the moon that the drill was green.

Poor Dave had to go to work today, so we'll have our date tomorrow.

We did however clink glasses with a glass of champagne, prior to David playing playstation and me finally getting a chance at playing with the new sewing machine. I can thread it, and sew a straight line, talented huh?

Phoebe once again travelled to school alone. Dave was late getting to work, because he was costing a job up, so he picked her up on the way in. I think she was disappointed about being collected again, but pleased to be going to dads work. Why oh why do they have to grow up?

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