Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Neonatal Development Clinic

Second appointment of the week, development clinic. I think we knew what to expect... Nothing, or wait and see. Sure enough that's what we got.

The doctor was one we had seen before. He was the consultant who first told us Joshua may have some mobility issues. This was when he was 9 days old. They had seen white cysts on the scan taken through his fontanel.

Today he said that he would term it 'evolving cerebral palsy'. That is to say that it appears that cerebral palsy will be a part of his future. Nothing new then. He did however agree to write a letter to the Bobath Centre in support of his referral.

Joshua was in such a happy, playful mood when we were with the doctor. Giving him all his best smiles and coos. The doctor was clearly taken with him.

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