Friday, September 3, 2010

1st one back to school

Phoebe went back toddy, she has a new teacher, Mr Strong, not quite the image from the Mr Men books I was expecting.

She woke up super early because today was her first day travelling to school alone. David really didn't want to let her, but she is 10, and secondary school is so close now. I couldn't quiet leave her to travelling home alone too, so I went with the boys to collect her. She didn't fail to show her disappointment at being collected!

Phoebe is persisting in her vegitarian streak. Tonight while the rest of us had duck wraps (yummy) Pheebs had mozzarella and tomato wraps, although I think she enjoyed them.

Oliver popped around into nursery to see Miss Eames and Keely, he is looking forward to going back now too.

Owen kindly went to Tesco this evening on his bike, I was reluctant as first, but again keep thinking, they are growing, give them space. He came home terribly shaken, the bike chain got stuck and he very nearly got hit by a bus. It took everything I had not to say, see... that's why we don't let you use the bike.

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